Eyeless Fucking Jack

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Eyeless Jack was originally a normal, straight-A student until he met a girl named Jenny who was part of a cult gathering about a demon called Chernobog. Jack involuntarily was made the sacrifice to be a son of Chernobog and, in the process, he had his eyes ripped out, which left him with mere, gaping black holes that dripped a black substance. Possessed and in a fit of rage, Jack killed the cult members and ate their organs with his new set of razor sharp, pointed teeth that he was adapt with during the process of the possession. Human organs were his new craving, although kidneys were his chosen favorite. Thus, the terror of Eyeless Jack had begun.

Eyeless Jack typically wears black attire of a dark strapped hoodie with studs along and equally as black pants/jeans. The hood of his ashy black hoodie is typically up and worn over his head, allowing a only minimalistic amount of the shaggy bangs of his urban/copper hair to be shown sprawling from underneath. He also wears black gloves. He wears a blue mask that he took from all the cult members.This is said to be due to his insecurity that he holds about his unnatural, grey pigmented skin tone. His body is that of a teenage boy said to not age even a day after the said 'incident' of his sacrifices

Move List

Special Attacks

  • Black Poof - Eyeless Jack poofs in a puff of black smoke and either appears in front of the opponent or behind.
  • Tentacle Spear - Eyeless Jack emits a tentacle from his palm and pulls the opponent towards him.
  • Throw - Eyeless Jack stabs the opponent's stomach with his scalpel and then claws them.
  • Reverse Throw - Eyeless Jack stabs the opponent's neck and stomach with his claws and throws them to the other side.

Claws Mode

  • Quick Slide - Eyeless Jack zips through the opponent with his claws.
  • Claw Wave - Eyeless Jack scratches the ground, emitting a shockwave that slides towards the opponent.
  • Black Tears - Eyeless Jack squirts black liquid from his "eyes".
  • Claw Wheel - Eyeless Jack rolls himself into a ball with his claws out, hurdling towards the opponent.

Scalpel Mode

  • Scalpel Throw - Eyeless Jack throws his scalpel at the opponent.
  • Gutsy Slash - Eyeless Jack slashes at his opponent multiple times with his scalpel.
  • Killer Top - Eyeless Jack spins around like a top with his scalpel erect as he slashes his way towards the opponent.

Super Move

  • Weapon Switch - Eyeless Jack switches between his scalpel and his claws.

Creepy Finishers

  • Organ Stealer - Eyeless Jack cuts the opponent's stomach open then digs in, pulls out his/her kidneys, and eats them.
  • Heartbreaker - Using his claws, Eyeless Jack pulls out the opponent's heart and then one of his/her kidneys. He crushes the heart and eats the kidney.


  • Eyeless Jack puts on some glasses and reads an eye exam the wrong way.



  • Eyeless Jack appears with a kidney in his hand. Right when he's about to eat it, he sees the opponent and then throws the kidney and says, "Looks like I got the main course."


  • Eyeless Jack shows his scalpel to the opponent.


  • Eyeless Jack grabs another kidney and eats it as a token of victory.

Win Quotes

  • "I hope your kidney's not as weak as you!"
  • "This is just making me hungrier."

Arcade Mode


  • Eyeless Jack was out doing his usual deeds of eating harvested organs. Unfortunately for him, he had found out that the amount of food was not enough to satisfy his hunger. Growing weak, Jack then learned about a god that was gathering people to fight and the winner would get their wish granted. Eyeless Jack believed that participating in the tournament would allow him to have more food for him to live off.


  • After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, Eyeless Jack wished for more food to satisfy his hunger. Then, Jack had transformed into a demonic creature and found that he could run extremely fast. Soon, an increase in murders happened where the victims had their organs ripped out and very little evidence remained. One security camera caught sight of a blurry figure dashing and killing. Soon a manhunt erupted for the killer dubbed “The Surgeon Ghost”.


Theme Song

Eyeless Jack's Theme: From Shadows - RWBY

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