Anger Issues was a demonic voice stuck inside the head of a human girl. Tricking their host easily, by convincing them they were her subconscious, the demon guided the girl in all their decision making. Which never turned out good. When the girl, Penelope, started fighting back to the point of a suicide attempt, the mind demon was infuriated. So when it came to a life or death situation, and Penelope refused to kill, they gave up on her and took over her mind and body.

Penelope wears a navy tank top with brown jogger pants. They are ripped and stained with blood and dirt but she doesn't mind. She has shoulder length brown hair and menacing cognac eyes.  There are bruises and flesh wounds all over her body.


Powers/Weapons: Penelope uses a long metal pipe and hand to hand combat 


  • Spine slam- Penelope slams her pipe into her opponent's spinal cord 
  • Gouge- Penelope does an eye gouge to her opponent's eye, then when distracted knees them in the crouch
  • Kneecap crack- Penelope hits her pipe into the back of her opponent's kneecaps and trips them to the ground
  • Kick- Penelope roundhouse kicks her opponent in the jaw
  • Punch- Penelope sends a hard punch to her opponent's throat
  • Batter's up- Penelope swings her pipe into her opponent like a baseball bat
  • Stomach jab- Penelope elbows her opponent in the stomach and spins around, slamming her pipe into their neck

Special Moves:

  • Penelope has the ability to sneak up behind her opponent, when they have enough blows to the head, without them noticing and hold her pipe to their throat and choke them

Creepy Finishers:

  • Skull smash- Penelope kicks her opponent onto the floor and beats their body up with her pipe before cracking their scull open
  • Choke- Penelope pins her opponent to the ground and shoves her pipe up and down their throat, choking the life out of them


Penelope will sing for you


  • Into Pose: Penelope slides into the scene and pulls out her pipe saying "Are you scared? You should be"
  • Winning Pose: Penelope twirls her pipe in her hand and smirks 
  • Victory Pose: Penelope darkly chuckles before smashing her pipe into the screen

Winning Quotes:

  • "I told you, you should've been scared" 
  • "You didn't deserve to live" 
  • "Guess I really do have anger issues" 

Arcade Into:

Anger Issues, as she's most notably called, was out and ready to fight, but she felt she wasn't powerful enough. She still had the real Penelope stuck inside there head, forced to hear her screams to set her free was such a distraction. So when she found out about this god that was gathering people to fight, and then gave the winner any wish, she decided she had to be the winner of this contest in order to kill her off. 


After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, Anger Issues finally got her wish to dispose of the true Penelope. With the girl's screams out of her head, they could finally focus on what's she truly wanted, the rid the earth of the pathetic people on it. She now had complete control over there body and there mind all to herself.